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Avery Bartels

photo of Avery Bartels

Born in Nelson, BC, though currently residing in Amsterdam, Holland, Avery got interested in birds at an early age on his parents eight acres in the countryside in the wild Kootenays.

Two months travelling and birding Costa Rica in 2007 ignited a passion for tropical avifauna that has not abated. Since then he has spent over 25 months in Central and South America, birding, conducting research and guiding tours. Since 2009 his focus has been the most biodiverse country in the world, Colombia, where he has spent almost a year and a half over 7 visits. Much of that time has been spent guiding tours across the country, from the soaring Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and Andean ranges to the lowlands of the Llanos (Plains) and White Sand forests of the far east. In 2014 Avery collaborated on the Field Guide to the Birds of Colombia by McMullan and Donegan (available on Amazon). During his travels in Colombia he has recorded over 1225 species in this incredible country. Avery will have led 3 tours to Colombia for Avocet Tours by early 2019, and will also lead a tour to Peru in Nov of 2019.

When not in the tropics Avery works as a Biologist and Bird Bander in Canada with a strong preference for projects that contribute directly to conservation and science.

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