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Christian Artuso

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Dr. Christian Artuso is Bird Studies Canada’s Manitoba Program Manager and coordinator of the Manitoba Breeding Bird Atlas. He is involved with numerous monitoring and conservation projects including the Manitoba Important Bird Area program and the Manitoba Chimney Swift Initiative.

Christian has guided and trained many budding ornithologists and field technicians, particularly in point counting. He has birded in 30 countries, especially in the Americas and in Asia, and has a life list of 4500 species, with over 3000 species photographed and he was the first person to photograph several species, such as Bornean Bristlehead, in the wild and has published articles and photographs in a variety of magazines and books.

Christian has a particular interest in owls and has seen over 100 species. He received his Ph.D. in 2009 from the University of Manitoba for research on how the population density, breeding, habitat selection and diet of Eastern Screech-Owls are affected by human population density. Christian is passionate about conservation biology and avian monitoring and dedicated to outreach and capacity building, having delivered scores of workshops and training sessions.

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