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George Clulow

photo of George Clulow

Growing up in England, George has been fascinated with birds from an early age. A grandfather who kept an aviary of British birds, and a move to the Essex countryside as a seven-year old stoked a lifelong passion for the natural world. However, it wasn’t until emigrating to Canada and experiencing his first stunning spring migration in Winnipeg in 1973 that birds and birding really captured him for good.

George is the immediate past President of the BC Field Ornithologists, and has also served on the board of Bird Studies Canada and as a member of BSC’s National Science Advisory Council. He is active in the Vancouver birding community and has held a number of positions there including Chair of Nature Vancouver’s Birding Section. While birding in Vancouver and further afield in BC is a high on his list, his world birding has taken him to places as different as Kazakhstan and Panama, Northern India and Cambodia. True to his coastal British Columbia location, George rates ravens as one of his favourite birds.

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