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Golden-naped Barbet. Borneo. Avery Bartels (c) 2022
Mar 10, 2024 to Mar 24, 2024
Visit Borneo and let our guide, Avery Bartels, show you an array of tantalizing birds and bizarre mammals in the northern state of Sabah.
Sri Lanka Blue Magpie (c) Rajiv Welikala
Feb 21, 2025 to Mar 07, 2025
Sri Lanka, an island with 33 endemic birds, is a must visit for any world birder. From Sri Lanka Blue Magpie, Serendib Scops Owl, and Sri Lanka Jungle Fowl to Sri Lanka Whistling Thrush, Sri Lanka Gray Hornbill and the Dull-blue Flycatcher, this is an island of endemics.

Mexico & the Caribbean

Cuban Trogon
Mar 13, 2024 to Mar 23, 2024
Visit Cuba, home to over 20 species of endemic birds such as Bee Hummingbird, Cuban Trogon, Cuban Tody, Gundlach's Hawk, Bare-legged Owl and more!

Canada & USA

White-winged Crossbill (c) Chris Charlesworth
Apr 12, 2024 to Apr 14, 2024
Early spring birding, excellent for owls including N. Saw-whet Owl, Boreal Owl, W. Screech-Owl and more.
Blue-throated Mountain-gem (c) Melissa Hafting
May 01, 2024 to May 11, 2024
Join Melissa on a tour through one of the USA's birdiest states, home to many unique species, not found elsewhere north of the Mexican border.
Atlantic Puffin. Elliston, NF. (c) Chris Charlesworth 2023
Jul 01, 2024 to Jul 07, 2024
Join us on this week long tour of Southeastern Newfoundland, where we spend several days on the Avalon Peninsula, in search of birds around the historic capital of St. John's. Enjoy a boat trip to Witless Bay, home to numbers of nesting seabirds, such as Atlantic Puffins, Razorbill and Thick-billed Murre. In Terra Nova National Park, explore spruce forests home to boreal bird species, and to top if off, we'll finish with a visit to the famous Northern Gannet colony at Cape St. Mary's.
Whooping Crane. Photo Gary Davidson (c)
Oct 01, 2024 to Oct 06, 2024
Short tour to Canadian prairie province where we hope to find migrating Whooping Cranes, amongst thousands of Sandhill Cranes and thousands of southbound geese. Day trip to boreal forest also for additional species.
Audubon's Oriole. Salineno, Texas. January 2024 (c) Chris Charlesworth
Jan 13, 2025 to Jan 22, 2025
Visit one of North America's most bird rich areas, where we hope to find Whooping Cranes, Green Jays, Plain Chachalacas, Great Kiskadees and much more!
Great Gray Owl. Alberta (C) Joachim Bertrands.
Mar 06, 2025 to Mar 08, 2025
Visit Alberta's wintery wonderland, home to sought after owls like Great Gray Owl, Snowy Owl and Northern Hawk-Owl.
Roseate Spoonbill (c) Chris Charlesworth
Apr 17, 2025 to Apr 23, 2025
Seven days of migration madness along the Upper Texas Coast, where we stay at just two hotels throughout the tour. Warblers, flycatchers, vireos, tanagers, and so much more.
Atlantic Puffin (c) Chris Charlesworth 2023
Jul 03, 2025 to Jul 09, 2025
Explore Newfoundland, excellent for seabirds like Atlantic Puffins and Northern Gannets at their breeding colonies. Expect to see shearwaters and other seabirds as well as whales. In addition to wildlife, enjoy the local culture and cuisine.

Central & South America

Chestnut-naped Antpitta (c) Chris Charlesworth
Oct 16, 2024 to Oct 30, 2024
Explore Ecuador, one of the most naturally diverse countries in the world, with over 1700 species of birds on its list! Hummingbirds, toucans, tanagers, galore! It's not all birds, and we could also see mammals like Olinguito, Kinkajou and Spectacled Bear! Join Ecuador expert Nelson Apollo and Avocet's own Chris Charlesworth
Guianan Cock-of-the-rock (c) Leon Moore
Nov 07, 2024 to Nov 20, 2024
Small country nestled between Venezuela and Suriname, home to 850 different species including 45 or more Guianan shield endemics. See the bizarre Capuchinbird, as well as the Guianan Cock-of-the-Rock. Chance to see Harpy Eagle, as well as many other tropical birds, mammals and more.

Day Tours

photo of Harlequin Duck
Pacific coast specialties & fantastic year-round birding.
Mountain Bluebird (c) Chris Charlesworth
BC's Okanagan Valley is one of Canada's premiere birding hotspots.
Black Oystercatcher. Photo: Chris Charlesworth
Excellent birding awaits in Victoria, a great city from which to search for seabirds, shorebirds, gulls and west coast specialties.
Northern Hawk-Owl. Photo (C) Joachim Bertrands.
Superb birding can be found within the city of Calgary, and outlying areas throughout the year. Whether you're looking for Snowy or Great Gray owls in the winter, or shorebirds and prairie specialties in the summer, our guide can help you find the birds.

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