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Alberta ~ Prairies to Boreal Forest

June 21, 2021 to June 27, 2021 — 6 days

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Chestnut-collared Longspur. Alberta, Canada. (C) Melissa Hafting.
Black Tern. Alberta, Canada. (C) Melissa Hafting.
Connecticut Warbler. Alberta, Canada. (C) Melissa Hafting.
Marbled Godwit. Alberta, Canada. (C) Melissa Hafting.
Thick-billed Longspur. Alberta, Canada. (C) Melissa Hafting.
Swainson's Hawk. Alberta, Canada. (C) Melissa Hafting.
  • Visit grassland and native prairie habitats where Sprague's Pipit, Chestnut-collared and Thick-billed longspur, Baird's Sparrow, Ferruginous Hawk, Loggerhead Shrike and other species can be found.
  • Chance to see one of Canada's rarest breeding shorebirds, the Piping Plover, on lakes near Hanna.
  • Boreal forest birding in Lac la Biche / Cold Lake, excellent for birds like Boreal Chickadee, American Three-toed Woodpecker, Canada Jay, White-winged Crossbill and more.
  • Expect a variety of 'eastern' warblers such as Connecticut, Chestnut-sided, Blackburnian, Black-throated Green, Mourning, Cape May, Bay-breasted and Blackpoll warblers, as well as Ovenbird and Northern Waterthrush.
  • Wetlands teeming with life where birds like Forster's and Black terns, Horned and Eared grebes, Yellow-headed Blackbirds, rails, and other birds can be found. 

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