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Arizona ~ Spring in the Desert

May 01, 2024 to May 11, 2024 — 10 days

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Blue-throated Mountain-gem (c) Melissa Hafting
Olive Warbler (c) Melissa Hafting
Woodhouse's Scrub-Jay (c) Melissa Hafting
Five-striped Sparrow (c) Melissa Hafting
Lucifer Hummingbird (c) Melissa Hafting
Arizona Woodpecker (c) Melissa Hafting
Elegant Trogon (c) Melissa Hafting
  • Explore one of North America's best birding regions during the peak season to visit!
  • Up to a dozen species of hummingbird possible, including Violet-crowned, Lucifer, Rivoli's and Broad-billed hummingbird, as well as Blue-throated Mountain-gem.
  • Great chances to see one of S.E Arizona's most sought-after birds, the Elegant Trogon.
  • Possibility of several owl species such as Elf, N. Pygmy, 'Mexican' Spotted, Burrowing and Whiskered Screech-owl.
  • Excellent photo ops at feeding stations where Bridled Titmouse, Arizona Woodpecker, Mexican Jay, Scott's Oriole and more can be seen.
  • See some stunning warblers like Painted Redstart, Red-faced Warbler, Grace's Warbler, Lucy's Warbler, Virginia's Warbler and others.
  • In addition to birds, enjoy some spectacular southwestern scenery.

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