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Cuba ~ Endemics in the Caribbean

January 23, 2021 to February 03, 2021 — 11 days

Tour Leader: 
Western Spindalis. Cuba. Photo (c) Orestes Martinez.
One of Cuba's endemic birds, the Bare-legged Owl. Photo: Orestes Martinez.
Great Lizard Cuckoo. Cuba. Photo (c) Orestes Martinez.
Bee Hummingbird. Cuba. Photo (c) Orestes Martinez.
  • Visit the Caribbean's largest island, home to twenty plus endmic species of birds, most of which we hope to see on this tour.
  • Expect some of the Caribbean's most beautiful and unique birds such as Cuba's national bird, the Cuban Trogon.
  • See the world's smallest bird, the beautiful Bee Hummingbird.
  • Explore the famous Zapata Swamp, rife with endemic birds like Zapata Wren, Zapata Sparrow and the almost mythical Zapata Rail.
  • Stay beachside at an all-inclusive resort at Cayo Coco, where shorebirds, terns and herons and egrets will be at our doorstep.
  • 'El Chino' de Zapata, Orestes Martinez, will be our local guide. He grew up in Zapata and knows the area and birds well.
  • In addition to birds, enjoy the Caribbean climate, and the delicious local cuisine! 

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