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Newfoundland (space available)

July 03, 2025 to July 09, 2025 — 6 days

Tour Leader: 
Atlantic Puffin (c) Chris Charlesworth 2023
Northern Gannet (c) Melissa Hafting 2022
Northern Gannets (c) Melissa Hafting 2022
Willow Ptarmigan (c) Melissa Hafting 2022
Black Guillemot (c) Chris Charlesworth 2023
Iceberg (c) Melissa Hafting 2022
Canada Jay (c) Melissa Hafting 2022
  • Visit some of the largest seabird colonies along the east coast of North America, where millions of alcids, including Atlantic Puffin, Common and Thick-billed murres, Razorbill and Black Guillemot raise their young. 
  • We'll take a boat trip into Witless Bay, home to large seabird colonies, and we could see Humpback or Minke whales, as well as an iceberg.
  • Explore North America's oldest city, St.John's, home to many excellent birding locations where we may find birds of European nature, such as Tufted Duck, Lesser Black-backed Gull, and Black-headed Gull.
  • Boreal forests home to Pine Grosbeaks, Black-backed Woodpeckers, Spruce Grouse and Boreal Chickadee.
  • Eastern forest birds in Terra Nova N.P., including a variety of warblers, Yellow-bellied Flycatcher, Ruffed Grouse, Canada Jay and much more.
  • Mammals possible such as whales, Woodland Caribou and Moose, amongst others.
  • Enjoy fantastic scenery and delicious food throughout this tour of Canada's easternmost province.

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