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Okanagan Valley Birding Bonanza

June 03, 2021 to June 06, 2021 — 3 days

Tour Leader: 
Male Black-backed Woodpecker (C) Chris Charlesworth
Western Bluebird (C) Chris Charlesworth
Bewick's Wren (C) Chris Charlesworth
Black-headed Grosbeak (C) Chris Charlesworth
Lewis's Woodpecker (C) Chris Charlesworth
Lark Sparrow (C) Chris Charlesworth
Yellow-headed Blackbird (C) Chris Charlesworth
  • Explore one of Canada's top birding destinations, British Columbia's Okanagan Valley.
  • Expect to see owls, hummingbirds, woodpeckers, and a variety of species found in Canada, only in the Okanagan, such as Sage Thrasher, Gray Flycatcher, Flammulated Owl, Black-chinned Hummingbird, Lewis's Woodpecker and Canyon Wren.
  • Enjoy the Okanagan's laid back lifestyle and spectacular scenery. The area has many wineries.
  • In addition to birds, expect to see some mammals such as deer, Black Bear, Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Goat and a variety of squirrels, chipmunks and others.
  • Wildflowers will be in bloom, and an assortment of butterflies will be seen.

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