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Okanagan Valley Target Birding (Tour Full)

June 01, 2023 to June 05, 2023 — 4 days

Tour Leader: 
Northern Pygmy-Owl (c) Chris Charlesworth
Lewis's Woodpecker (c) Chris Charlesworth
Bobolink (c) Chris Charlesworth
Black-necked Stilts and American Avocets (c) Chris Charlesworth
Great Gray Owl (c) Chris Charlesworth
Ruddy Duck (c) Chris Charlesworth
Sage Thrasher (c) Chris Charlesworth
  • Explore the Okanagan Valley, one of Canada's top birding destinations, with close to 370 species on checklist.
  • Birds like Sage Thrasher, Black-chinned Hummingbird, Flammulated Owl, Lewis's Woodpecker, Williamson's Sapsucker and Canyon Wren found here, but nowhere else in Canada.
  • A selection of owls possible, including Western Screech, Northern Pygmy, Flammulated, Great Gray, Barred, Great Horned, Long-eared, Burrowing, and maybe even Boreal owl. 
  • Other boreal forest birds like Pine Grosbeak, White-winged Crossbill, American Three-toed Woodpecker, Canada Jay, and Spruce Grouse possible.
  • Mammals to watch for include Black Bear, Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Goat, Elk, Mule Deer, Yellow-bellied Marmot, and more.

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