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Okanagan Winter Weekend

February 12, 2021 to February 14, 2021 — 2 days

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photo of Bohemian Waxwings
photo of Northern Pygmy-Owl
photo of Ruffed Grouse
photo of Pileated Woodpecker.
photo of Northern Saw-whet Owl
photo of vineyards in winter
  • Kick off your 2018 year list with some great winter specialty birds.
  • Winter finches possible including Common Redpoll, Pine Grosbeak, White-winged Crossbill, Evening Grosbeak and Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch.
  • Upper elevation species of interest include Boreal Chickadee, Am. Three-toed Woodpecker, Canada Jay, and any of three grouse species.
  • Large flocks of Bohemian Waxwings, and good numbers of raptors including Rough-legged Hawk, Northern Harrier, Merlin and Golden Eagle.
  • Chance of owls including Northern Saw-whet Owl, Northern Pygmy-Owl, Great Horned Owl and Long-eared Owl.
  • Good numbers of geese, ducks, swans, grebes, loons and gulls on Okanagan Lake.

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