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Vancouver, BC Day Tours

photo of Harlequin Duck

From misty coastal mountains right down to the rich estuaries of the Fraser River Delta, there is plenty of diversity to explore around Vancouver. Year-round western specialties like Sooty Grouse, Red-breasted Sapsucker, Northwestern Crow, Pacific Wren, and Varied Thrush should be of interest to most visiting birders. Winter is a fantastic time to visit when waterfowl and raptor numbers are at their peak, while spring and late summer/fall can produce an equally impressive spectacle of migrating shorebirds, and mixed flocks of songbirds.

Whether you’re a beginner wanting to learn more about local hotspots and common species, or a hardcore visiting birder targeting 4 or 5 lifers while here on a conference, we’re here to help!

*We can also arrange for a day-trip to Vancouver Island for the extremely localized Eurasian Skylarks, an any other specialties you may want to see.

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