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Vancouver Island's Herring Spawn Spectacle

March 20, 2023 to March 25, 2023 — 5 days

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Scoters feeding in the pale blue waters created by Herring spawn. Photo (C) Joachim Bertrands
Male and female Harlequin Ducks. Photo (C) Joachim Bertrands.
Varied Thrush, a common bird of forests on Vancouver Island. Photo (C) Joachim Bertrands.
Many Bald Eagles inhabit the Pacific Northwest. Photo (C) Joachim Bertrands.
Northern Pygmy-Owl. Photo (C) Chris Charlesworth.
American Dipper can be found along streams, creeks and rivers. Photo (C) Chris Charlesworth.
Sooty Grouse. Photo (C) Chris Charlesworth.
  • Tour is planned to take in the spectacle of the Herring spawn along Vancouver Island's east coast.
  • There will be masses of seaducks, and other waterfowl, gulls, cormorants, and alcids gathering to feast.
  • Visit rainforests, home to forest species like Sooty Grouse, Canada Jay, and Northern Pygmy-Owl.
  • Optional evening workshops available on gull identification and seaduck identification.

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