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British Columbia's Okanagan Valley

August 17, 2018 to August 19, 2018 — 2 days

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Rufous Hummingbird. (c) Chris Charlesworth
Cassin's Finch. (c) Chris Charlesworth
Northern Pygmy-Owl. (c) Chris Charlesworth
Western Tanager (c) Chris Charlesworth
Townsend's Solitaire (c) Chris Charlesworth
  • ​The Okanagan Valley is one of Canada's top birding destinations.
  • A number of species can be found in the Okanagan and Southern Interior of B.C., and nowhere else in Canada.
  • Species to watch for: Canyon Wren, Lewis's Woodpecker, Black-chinned Hummingbird, Pygmy Nuthatch, Common Poorwill, Sage Thrasher, Brewer's Sparrow, Northern Pygmy-Owl and more.
  • In addition to birds, a number of mammals possible such as Black Bear, Moose, Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Goat.
  • Scenery in this part of the world is spectacular.
  • Travel with renowned ornithologist, author and politician, Richard Cannings, who has spent most of his life in this area.

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